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Idyll Arbor's Journals of Practice

Welcome to Idyll Arbor's journals for clinical practice. These journals, collectively called Idyll Arbor’s Journals of Practice (IAJP), will cover three professions: recreational therapists, activity professionals and chemical dependency counselors. Each will accept three types of contributions: Articles, Notes on Practice and Comments. The material presented in IAJP will be rotated off the web page and published periodically in a paper format. These discipline specific volumes will be available for purchase through Idyll Arbor, Inc.

Articles: These contributions are papers which advance practice through research, case studies and service models. These articles will be jury-edited by professionals both within and outside of Idyll Arbor, Inc. Some topics might include population specific outcomes using standardized treatment protocols as measured by the Leisure Competence Measure, treatment service models for clients with dual diagnoses, the impact of a daily on-unit exercise programs on dosage requirements for PRN medications or the correlation (if any) between patient satisfaction and recidivism. It is anticipated that many of these articles will be from the information already  gathered for JCAHO or CARF. (Idyll Arbor staff will be glad to provide suggestions to help practitioners write up their findings.)

Idyll Arbor, Inc. is currently looking for a few professionals who would be willing to read articles to check for content correctness and appropriate methodology. Please contact us with a summary of your professional background and experience you have had with reviewing articles for publication. As well, include contact information and the journal you would like to review for (Recreational Therapist, Activity Professional, or Chemical Dependency Counselor).

Notes on Practice: These contributions are designed to share information related to practice techniques, diagnostic categories or management which expand the knowledge base of practitioners and students. Some topics might include information on types of relaxation techniques and populations for which the techniques are recommended or contraindicated, types of tires available for wheelchairs and which ones work best for specific sports, new treatment techniques for patients with spinal cord injury and their impact on the patient’s functional ability, review of changes in national health care regulations or special education regulations or best practices.

Comments: Each article and note on practice will have moderated, follow-up commentary. Idyll Arbor expects its comment section to be based on solid facts rather than emotion and politics. We require the comments to be ethical and productive in nature. The Idyll Arbor editors do not intend to avoid controversial subjects or valid criticism but will reserve the right to decline or ask for revisions of comments which they feel do not meet their standards.

Articles, Notes on Practice and Comments may be submitted to Idyll Arbor via our e-mail (editors@IdyllArbor.com) or snail mail (2432 39th St., Bedford, IN 47421). If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at either address or phone us at 812-675-6623.

Guide to Published Articles in Recreational and Adjunctive Therapies

This guide contains references to articles in 16 journals related to Recreational Therapy and Adjunctive Therapies. The articles have been reviewed and referenced by subject letting you find articles of interest on many therapy topics. Click here to start looking through the Guide.

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