Janeen R. Adil

Accessible Gardening for People with Physical Disabilities

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For anyone with disabilities who wants to garden or continue gardening. For caregivers, too. 


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For anyone with disabilities who wants to garden or continue gardening. For caregivers, too. 

Gardening is such a satisfying activity. People with physical disabilities should not be denied the right to engage in gardening because of their physical disabilities or because their caretaker has a brown thumb. This book gives you information that you can use to have an award-winning (or even just satisfying) garden whether it is a large outdoor garden, a windowsill brimming with color, or a small pot with one plant. The activities in the book are for all ages and gardening skill levels. 

Everyone — from veteran gardeners to first-timers, from ages five to ninety-five — will find the expertise and practical know-how necessary for designing, planting, and maintaining a garden that suits their special needs.

The book shows readers how to make their existing garden more accessible and how to create a new one using raised beds, containers, or vertical gardens. There are easy-to-follow instructions, line drawings, and photographs. The author thoroughly describes the benefits and requirements for successful, low-maintenance gardening. 

Janeen Adil is an avid gardener and the mother of a child with spina bifida, which is the reason she wrote this book. She writes on gardening, disability, and children’s topics for a variety of publications.

"A well-written, comprehensive, and thoroughly researched book filled to the brim with detailed descriptions of how to make the garden accessible… This excellent book provides not just good information, but gives hope and inspiration to all people who have disabilities and who either want to learn how to garden or want to learn how to garden again,"

Steven H. Davis, Executive Director

American Horticulture Therapy Association

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