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Idyll Arbor's primary mission is to improve the quality of health care provided to clients by providing quality information and resources to practitioners. One way in which we provide this information is through our over 200 products. We carry books, games, assessments and video/audio supplies. Access these products through our Topics or Resources pages. You may also access resources directed toward specific Professions.


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Our free, on-line journals, collectively called Idyll Arbor's Journals of Practice (IAJP), cover three different occupational and topic groups: Recreational Therapy, Activity Professionals and Chemical Dependency.

A Guide to Published Articles in Recreational and Adjunctive Therapies. The Guide is designed to give the reader easy access to information published in 16 Therapeutic Recreation and Adjunctive Therapy journals from 1967 to 2004.

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Editor's Recommendations

Faces of Combat, PTSD & TBI: One Journalist's Crusade to Improve Treatment for Our Veterans
Eric Newhouse
Trade Paper, 304 pages
Published by Issues Press
Publication date: 2008
ISBN: 9781930461062
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Eric Newhouse issues a call to help America’s returning warriors in his latest book, Faces of Combat, PTSD and TBI: One Journalist’s Crusade to Improve Treatment for Our Veterans. His concern is that one-third to one-half of the 1.6 million men and women serving in Iraq and Afghanistan can be expected to return home with one or all three disorders – post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), or major depression. ... (read more)

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Living Through Personal Crisis
Ann Kaiser Stearns
Trade Paper, 214 pages
Published by Idyll Arbor
Publication date: 2010
ISBN: 9781882883875
This book is about the small and large losses that happen to people, experiences that plunge them into a state of adjustment. It guides those moving through the mourning process and those who are struggling with depression and other symptoms of distress as they start to realize that they are grieving their loss. It is also for the families and friends of those who have suffered a loss. The kinds of losses discussed include ... (read more)

Top New Releases

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