Diane Fausek-Steinbach

Art as Therapy: Inspiration, Innovation, and Ideas

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Fausek-Steinbach has put together another book of innovative, easy-to-use art activities that provide insight into one’s self and other people.


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Fausek-Steinbach has put together another book of innovative, easy-to-use art activities that provide insight into one’s self and other people.

The ideas include creative collages, painting and drawing, and guided imagery. Each activity is clearly explained with a purpose for the activity, group size, materials, and step-by-step instructions for facilitating the group. The ideas go beyond "craftwork" to help the participant produce art that is good enough to display.

Group leaders have told us they want to be able to open the book and know exactly how to run the activity. This book meets their needs.

Why you will love this book:

o                           It’s full of wonderful activities you can lead today for your activity or therapy group.

o                           The ideas will spark your creativity and the creativity of your group.

o                           It shows you how to get art supplies for free from the Internet.

o                           Some of the art is display quality, and can even be used as a fund raiser.

o                           Other projects are just for the joy of the process.

o                           There’s something for every level of cognitive and physical skill.


Here’s what other people are saying:

Art as Therapy is a very simple and practical introduction to using art in helping relationships. The book would be a definite asset to individuals working in residential settings with geriatric patients. Fausek-Steinbach has a respectful understanding of the needs and abilities of a wide variety of people.
— Carrie J Reid, Mostly Salish Consulting Co., British Columbia

Diane Fausek-Steinbach has created a diverse collection of insightful art experiences that inspire creativity, spark the imagination, and enliven souls to express themselves in rich and meaningful ways. Her user-friendly approaches make each art experience accessible to everyone, even persons with cognitive or physical limitations. This book is an invaluable addition to any person’s collection of resources for those who strive to enrich the lives of others using art.
— Michelle Reitman, Psy.D., LMHC, MT-BC, Cadenza Music Therapy, Inc.

Art as Therapy provides a concise outline of ingredients key to successfully applying art therapeutically. Readers are provided information about both theory and practice through sequences which explore process at all times mindful of the participant’s role. Fausik-Steinbach describes authentic interdisciplinary collaboration which retains a focus on the best interests of the participant/client/student and encourages effective team building.
— Kate Weishaar

Diane Fausek-Steinbach has been consulting or facilitating art therapy groups with long term care, rehabilitation, and general population clients for over 15 years and still reaches professionals through her quarterly "Brush Strokes" column in Creative Forecasting Magazine. She has authored The Practical Guide to Art Therapy Groups (Fausek, Haworth Press, 1997), and Art Activities for Groups: Providing Therapy, Fun and Function (Fausek-Steinbach, Idyll Arbor, 2002). She continues to create meaningful art plans for a home schooling magazine and is currently a freelance writer in Iowa.

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