William J. Matta

The Solution: A Blueprint for Change and Happiness

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Everyone wants to embrace happiness and their dreams, and could, if they only knew how.


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Everyone wants to embrace happiness and their dreams, and could, if they only knew how.

For most people, achieving a state of well being involves change. Too often, people don’t know how to change, or tend to resist change and become "stuck" in a state of depression, stress, or anxiety. Still others do not know what steps to take to enhance their marriage, take charge of their children, or deal with a toxic relationship.

The Solution has the answers you need to find your path and live the life you really want. The descriptions of what you need to do are simple, straightforward, and extremely powerful. Dr. Matta encourages and enlightens readers. With this book you will find ways to break through your barriers to happiness.

Section One: The Solution, presents techniques to alter your life and produce quick, long-lasting, positive results.
Section Two: A Blueprint for Change and Happiness, will show you how to apply the four laws of cognitive restructuring techniques to specific problems in your lives, as well as improving your marriage, relationships, and how you raise your children.

Included in the book:
Four pivotal laws of transformation: Association, Resistance, Motivation, and Attraction
Introduction to the powerful modality of mindfulness
How to "emotionally reset" while in crisis
Techniques proven to be more effective than medication

You can find a better life. The Solution is here.

William Matta, Ed.D., is a psychotherapist, college professor, and author. He is a mental health consultant to school districts, universities, and professional associations. He wrote The Solution; A Blueprint for Change and Happiness for two reasons: 1) The laws and principles in the book are scientifically and clinically proven to produce quick, long lasting, positive results. 2) To provide a user-friendly, insightful format that gets readers on the road to a better life quickly and easily.

His media outlets include radio, magazine, and public television. His first book, Relationship Sabotage, was distributed worldwide. Dr. Matta has been nominated by Psychology Today magazine as one of America’s Best Therapists.


Section I. The Solution
Understanding the Nature of Change
2. Conquering the Fear of Change
3. Our Thoughts Affect Our Bodies, Our Bodies Affect Our Lives
4. Change Thoughts of Resistance and End the Resistance
5. Get What You Want by Changing Inwardly
6. A Clinically Proven Method to Empower Change
7. Mindfulness is a Powerful Tool for Emotional Resetting

Section II. The Blueprint for Change and Happiness
Taking Charge of Your Anxiety
9. Taking Charge of Your Depression and Guilt
10. Taking Charge of Making a Better Marriage
11. Taking Charge of Your Children
12. Taking Charge of an Abusive Relationship

A. Rules for Speakers and Listeners
B. Stepparenting
C. Components of Intimacy
D. Checklist of Ten Cognitive Distortions
E. Body System Malfunctions Due to Anxiety

Professional Endorsements

As a psychiatrist, I find Dr. Matta’s book, The Solution: A Blueprint for Change and Happiness, to be clinically sound, therapeutic and insightful. His book provides easy-to-apply techniques to help patients emotionally reset themselves; deal with stress, depression, and anxiety; and implement permanent change to…take control of their lives. The book should be a must read for patients and is also a helpful resource for mental health professionals.
Karen Y. Mechanic, MD
Director of Psychiatry, Fox Chase Cancer Center

I have known Dr. Matta for 7 years and I am pleased to endorse The Solution: A Blueprint for Change and Happiness. He has had remarkable success in treating stress, anxiety, and depression. By following the four practical and clinically proven therapeutic principles outlined in the book, readers will learn not only to emotionally re-set themselves; they will learn to enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling life. I feel it is a must-read self-help book, for both the general public and mental health professionals.
Dr. Ellinor Burke, Psychologist

In a busy stressful world with many complex problems that may overwhelm us, Dr. Matta has provided us with a simple, but real, practical, and easy-to-use method that will help to solve our problems at the core. The solution he gives us has been within us all the time, as he taps the calming, positive, and life-changing resources of our thinking and our mind.

Problems can seem overwhelming, from the personal hurts and stresses of depression, abuse, divorces, and addictions to the complex national and international problems. Yet Dr. Matta brings us back to the source of our problems and our solution, as he leads us to simple, practical steps of changing our negative thoughts and fears, to positive thoughts that reframe our thinking and can bring inner happiness, and thankfulness.

As a clinical social work, who has worked for over 20 years in a special education high school, and for the past five years as a Hospice social worker, I have worked with young and older people, whose negative thoughts prevent them from fully living and from dying well and in peace. Dr. Matta’s book helps these populations, as well as all people, as we work to change our own thoughts and feelings to positive and peaceful ones, in order to live well and make good decisions. I highly recommend this book to help us be more happy and peaceful people, and to also affect our relationships our world.
Bill Mattia, New Jersey Licensed Clinical Social Worker

The Solution: A Blueprint for Change and Happiness is well thought out and practical. Dr. Matta’s description of mindfulness is clear, concise, and useful. It helps clients understand why mindfulness is such a powerful tool in creating happiness and feeling more present in one’s life.
Thomas O’Reilly MD, Child & Adult Psychiatrist

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